GEMS Pty Ltd offers a broad range of general and specialised courses, both accredited and non accredited. GEMS Pty Ltd delivers and assesses all accredited training.

Non Accredited Training

Advanced Environmental Awareness Course (Duration: 2-3 hours)

This short course covers:

Why It Makes Sense To Protect The Environment

    • It’s where we live
    • Our communities / customers demand it
    • It’s government / company policy
    • It impacts on our health
    • It’s just smart business
    • It’s good for local economy

Environmental Law and You – Along with a broad overview of current environmental laws this section also covers the three key legal questions.

    • Can I be charged as an individual for a breach of the environmental laws?
    • Am I only doing this course so my supervisor can be covered if something goes wrong?
    • Can I go to jail as a result of an environmental incident?

Your Work and The Environment – within this section all participants complete a basic desktop audit of their activities. Within that audit, they identify the potential impacts of their work and the controls that need to be put in place to minimise those impacts.

Case Studies – it is important to link the theory to real time practices and incidents. We have a variety of case studies depending on the particular focus of the clients

Where To From Here?

Environmental Impact Assessment (Duration: Half day to full day)

This course provides an overview of the environmental management and legal requirements for effective Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on all projects. On completion of this course, all participants should be able to complete basic EIA documentation.

The course also covers the frameworks for a range of EIA documents including;

  • Statements of Environmental Effects (SEE)
  • Reviews of Environmental Factors (REF)
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Construction and Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)
  • Operational Environmental Management Plans (OEMP)

Incident Response Planning and Management (Duration: Half day to full day)

This course covers:

  • Safety first
  • Reporting incidents – critical information
  • Organisational response hierarchy
  • Playing your part effectively
  • Being part of the bigger response – your roles and responsibilities
  • The cleanup
  • The paperwork

Erosion and Sediment Control (Duration: Full day plus post training on site assessment)

This course covers:

  • Module 1 – It is only a bit of dirt – what harm can it do?
  • Module 2 – Why it makes sense to minimise erosion and manage sedimentation
  • Module 3 – Erosion and Sediment Control and the law
  • Module 4 – A common sense approach to Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Module 5 – Erosion and Sediment Control – getting it right on the site
  • Module 6 – Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
  • Module 7 – Erosion and Sediment Control Practice

Accredited Training

Environmental Awareness (Duration: Full day)

Unit of Competency awarded – AHCWRK202 Observe environmental work practices

  • Module 1 – Why it just makes sense to minimise environmental risk
    • It protects where we live
    • It is a community expectation
    • It is a company expectation
    • It is just smart business
    • It is good for the local economy
    • It is good for our health
  • Module 2 – Key components of Environmental Management Systems
  • Module 3 – The science behind the controls
  • Module 4 – Sustainability – the way forward

Minimising Environmental Risk in Railway Infrastructure Work (Full day)

Unit of Competency awarded – TLIU2008 Apply environmental procedures to rail infrastructure

This course covers:

  • Module 1 – Why Minimising Environmental Risk Just Makes Sense
  • Module 2 – How Our Environmental Management System Minimises Environmental Risk
  • Module 3 – Minimising Onsite Environmental Risk
  • Module 4 – Managing Sustainably – “The Best Way Forward”

Accredited Training Provided by Our Partners

Asia Pacific Environmental Response (APER)

Asia Pacific Environmental Response (APER) is a specialist organisation with proven oiled wildlife and environmental response experience supported by a national and international network of personnel resources. We have a proven history of supporting oiled wildlife responses, ship grounding incidents, oil and chemical marine spills, introduced marine pest outbreaks, vehicle and train spills, industrial facility spills and industrial fires.

Oiled Wildlife Response (Duration: 3 days – provided by our training partner APER)

Unit of Competency awarded – AHCFAU303 Respond to Wildlife Emergencies

The Oiled Wildlife Response course enables participants to:

  1. Lead teams of oiled wildlife responders during wildlife emergencies
  2. Provide wildlife rehabilitation care to oil impacted animals

Go to the training section of the APER website for more information:

The Oil Response Company of Australia (ORCA)

The Oil Response Company of Australia (ORCA) provide a complete, professional and timely service to their clients covering all aspects of marine pollution response and preparedness in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner to world’s best practice.

Basic Equipment Operator (Duration: 2 days – provided by our training partner ORCA)

Unit of Competency awarded – PUAOIL202 – Use basic equipment operations for oil spill response

2 Day Course covering Basic Equipment operations of inshore booms, skimmers, absorbents, and operational techniques. Other areas covered are OH&S requirements as per a Tier 1 size spill

This Course Allows participants to be qualified to become members of the state-based oil response team and is an ideal course for state-based agencies or for marine and petrochemical workers who would be exposed to pollution events for up to 16 participants.

Go to the training section of the ORCA website for more information:

SEER Associates

SEER Associates was established to provide state-of-the-art Safety, Environmental, and Emergency Response services to industry and Government and to do this in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our professionals have successfully completed projects in support of some of the world’s largest and most challenging oil and gas projects. Our aim is to:

  • Produce work of the highest quality.
  • Develop user friendly products adapted to specific project characteristics, locations, regulatory environments and the client’s operating systems.
  • Involve client personnel in planning to effect buy-in and facilitate start up and operations.
  • Participate in client training programmes.
  • Provide clients with ongoing support and information.

Shoreline Response Course (Duration: 3 days – provided by our training partner SEER Associates)

Units of Competency awarded

  • PUAOIL303 – Apply health, safety and risk controls when working on oiled shorelines
  • PUAOIL405 – Apply oiled shoreline assessment strategies in an oil spill response
  • PUAOIL406 – Lead a team in oiled shoreline clean up

The SEER Shoreline Response Course (SRC) is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge required to undertake shoreline response assessment procedures and practices and to plan, manage and undertake a cleanup of oiled shorelines.

The course includes a number of modules encompassing:

  • Shoreline assessment;
    • Pre oil impact.
    • Post oil impact.
  • Shoreline response planning.
  • Cleanup methods.
  • Managing a response.
  • Response termination and post response reporting.

Go to the SEER Associates website for more information