“Investment in high quality environmental training really is just smart business”

At GEMS Pty Ltd we have two operating divisions. They are Environmental Management and Training’ and ‘Conference and Event Management’.

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Our Environmental Management Division operates in three broad areas. They are:

Environmental Training

All of our clients rely on community support for their continued operation. This is called their ‘social right to operate’. Poor on-site environmental management will certainly impact on that right. Investment in high quality environmental training really is just smart business.

GEMS Pty Ltd training programs are designed to develop not just the knowledge and skills of your personnel but their commitment as well.

GEMS Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). RTO status is recognition of our commitment to the development, delivery, evaluation and review of quality training programs.

RTO status allows GEMS Pty Ltd to issue nationally recognised Units of Competency to those who successfully complete our training and associated assessment task.

We offer both generic and customised training in a range of areas including:

  • Advanced Environmental Awareness – courses can range from 4 hours to 2 days, depending on the needs of the client. We strongly encourage Advanced Environmental Awareness training to be customised to the existing systems of the client.
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Natural Resource Management
  • The Logic of Environmental Law
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Hazardous Chemical Spill Response

Training programs can be developed and delivered for as little as $200 per person per day.

Contact us to discuss your needs. From there we will develop an obligation free proposal for your consideration.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Under all of the planning laws across Australia any organisation or individual planning to build or construct almost anything, the organisation or individual is required to submit an application for approval to proceed.

A key part of that application is usually Environmental Impact Assessment or EIA.

At GEMS Pty Ltd we can complete all types of EIA documentation from simple Statements of Environmental Effects through to substantial Environmental Impact Statements.

Major development proposals also require a significant community consultation or community engagement program. GEMS Pty Ltd has been working with a wide variety of clients in the development and implementation of those programs for nearly a quarter of a century.

On request, a list of satisfied clients varying from local councils, major utilities providers, builders, industrial estate developers and manufacturers can be provided.

Communication and Culture

There is far more to improving or enhancing the environmental management practices or systems at an organisation than just running a training course.

Training courses will have an immediate impact but in order to ensure that impact is maintained over the medium to long term it is essential that there is ongoing communication with all personal in an organisation about their individual and corporate environmental and sustainability responsibilities.

At GEMS Pty Ltd we have developed many successful communication and culture change programs for our wide range of clients.

Shifting the culture in an organisation will take time and will cost money. All of our clients have told us the money they have spent on communication and cultural development has been one of their most successful and worthwhile investments.

Most organisations are now doing excellent work in the environmental and sustainability area. They do not usually have the time however to tell their people about that work. This is a mistake. People want to feel good about where they work. A successful communications and cultural development program will help them feel that way.

For More Information on Communications and Cultural Development please call our Sydney office on 02 9744 5252 or send an email to Chris Gray on cmgray@gemsenvironmental.com.au